Powderpuff 2013
The Senior class team, the champions of 2013's Powder Puff. (Photo by William Biersack)

by Joseph Mastando

Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC) might not have it’s own football team, but the ladies playing in the fourth annual Powder Puff games surely prove that they have the talent to compete! On the night of October 25, MSMC freshman, sophomores, juniors, and senior geared up in their team colors, and took on the Kaplan field to steal the title as 2013’s Powder Puff champs, the seniors ultimately taking the trophy.

Beginning at 7:30 p.m., students rushed to the sidelines to cheer on their classes’ teams, not forgetting to stop and decorate a sugar cookie and drink an ice-cold glass of fruit-infused water first courtesy of Student Activities. Once MSMC’s acapella group Knight Notes performed a harmonious rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner,” the first game commenced pinning juniors against sophomores.

As the game endured, the two teams remained evenly matched. In the first half, juniors scored one touchdown and, with 31 seconds on the clock, sophomores scored, tying the game.

In MSMC’s tradition of Powder Puff, if two teams are tied by the games’ intended conclusion, a two-minute “sudden death” occurs during which the two teams face off to capture the title. Thankfully for the juniors, Kayla Difiglia, sporting a t-shirt with the number 88 on the back and the denotation “Hot Hands,” summoned the strength to break through the girls plowing toward her to score the winning touch down.

Resident Assistant and junior Rosemarie Distefano, a player who made a show-stopping interception, commented on the match, saying, “It felt amazing to win the first game,” and, with a smirk, did not fail to add, “the juniors are going to take it just like at Mount Olympics!”

The second match set the seniors against the freshman. The senior team proved to be much smaller than the rest, so Kelly Yough, Dean of Students, join their ranks. And what a good asset she became as stopped many freshmen in their tracks

Though Yough shined on the field, she surely did not steal the spotlight. In fact, the seniors worked seamlessly together, most assumedly from their passion to win after their ultimate defeat at Mount Olympics

Quarterback Chelsea Hepburn stormed the field, passing the ball to Kelsey Lapicola, while Xiomara Laorte held down the line of defense. Senior class president, Sara Baloga, arguably the team’s quickest player, managed a touchdown in the first half. However, the team’s efforts were thwarted by the nibble agility of freshman Bernadette Clarivall who they simply could not catch. With 43 seconds left in the first half, she scored a touchdown and tied the game.

The second half proved to be equally as challenging for both sides; the freshman’s speed matched well against the senior’s strength. However, with only 36 seconds left in the game, Lapicola breached the line of defense and won the game.

In the last game, the two winning teams faced off in a battle for the crown, but also for pride—the seniors attempting to reclaim bragging rights from the juniors who defeated them two days prior at Mount Olympics. Instead of having five-minute halves, as was the case for the two former games, the final match consisted of two ten-minute halves with a continuously running clock. The game went back and forth, but ultimately, the seniors snagged the win with a touchdown by Hepburn.

“We put our hearts into it,” Lapicola claimed after the win.

As senior class students stormed onto the field to congratulate the players, Director of Student Activities presented a heart-warming surprise to the team: a winning trophy and individual medals for each player.

“I’m so proud!” shouted Baloga, ecstatic of her classes’ first win of any spirit week event on campus. She continued, saying, “So this is what winning feels like!” stirring laughter across the field.