Spirit Week 2013
The Junior Class skit from Mount Olympics 2013. (Photo by Margaret Okakpu)

by Brittany Ambrosino

Last week kicked off Spirit Week here at Mount Saint Mary College. Classes competed all week to earn points for their class. Each grade came up with their own theme; freshmen were ‘Freshmen Bleed Blue’, sophomores were ‘Wild for the Knights’, juniors were ‘The Great Gatsby’, and the seniors were the 90’s. Coin wars kicked off Thursday the 17th and ended the morning of Mount Olympics which was Wednesday the 23rd. Juniors won, with sophomores coming in second. At the Trivia game show, classes competed on their knowledge of MSMC. The juniors won that as well.

At Mount Olympics each grade came ready to win. The juniors ended up taking the overall win of Mount Olympics, seniors came in second, freshmen in third and sophomores in fourth. Close competitions like the relay race were fun but nerve racking to watch. Sophomore Kevin McGinty took two hard falls during his running portion of the relay, pulling both hamstrings. During the tug of war, sophomores won against juniors in a long and close fight. Seniors won against the freshmen. Freshmen beat the juniors for third place and seniors proved victorious against the sophomores for first place.

Powderpuff took place on Friday the 25th. The girls and their coaches were feeling ready after practicing for the week before. Juniors against sophomores were first, and by the end of the game they were tied. After a two minute tie breaker, the juniors won. Seniors came out on top after going against the freshmen, and they took the overall win after facing the juniors in the last game.

The week ended Saturday night with an end to any class competitions. Everyone came out and celebrated together as one for the 18th annual bonfire.

Spirit Week is always a great time here at the Mount. It’s an amazing way to bring us all together as a school. Congratulations to the Juniors on their overall great win! Who knows what next year has in store!