by Amy Rice

While freshmen are busy getting settled, making friends, joining clubs, and experiencing the college social scene for the first time, juniors are bombarded by their hardest academic year, beginning to worry about their future, and making serious decisions about their career paths. Seniors become crazed lunatics working double time on their academics, graduation plans, and making the most of every last moment of their college experience. But, where do the sophomores fit into the mix? They’re not new to campus, but they’re not exactly planning their futures either. More or less, they’re the middle children that don’t get any attention, the kid whose birthday is the day after Christmas and gets jipped out of presents, the friend that doesn’t turn 21 until four months after everyone else and has to extend their Netflix subscription for while they’re hanging in their room alone on Saturday nights.

Don’t worry sophomores; this is all about to change! On Monday, January 21, 2013 Mount Saint Mary College will be hosting SOPHOMORES: Survive & Succeed; an exclusive two-hour event dedicated to the forgotten ones. Meant to “help capitalize on the college experience,” Associate Director of the Career Center, Kathleen O’Keefe exclaims, the program will allow students to register for four programs, three of which they will be placed into.

“What can I do with my major?” “See the world- Study Abroad!” “Decision making and goal setting.” These are just a few of the program options available to students. O’Keefe stresses “You’re going to get as much out of your college career as you put into it.” For students who may not have the time to invest in an internship experience, there are lower commitment programs that provide students with experience outside of the classroom, and useful connections that they can utilize during their time at the Mount.

SOPHOMORES: Survive & Succeed is held on a day off for faculty members, but O’Keefe was overjoyed when an abundance of professors and staff were eager to get involved the moment they heard about the event. Many voluntarily reached out to O’Keefe, asking how they could get involved. “It showed how dedicated people are to the success of the students,” she tells.

The community of Newburgh is supportive of the Mount’s students as well. Many businesses donated to the raffle that will take place at the end of the event. Billy Joe’s Ribworks gave four $25 gift certificates to the cause; in addition there are gift cards to the Pizza Shop, T-shirts, gas cards, a giant pencil (for those journalism students), and portfolios that students can use in professional settings up for grabs.

In order to win some of these great prizes, sophomores need to sign up. Outside of the View Dining Hall there will be laptops set up for registration. Come on Monday, November 26 between 11a.m. and 2p.m., November 28 between 5:30p.m. and 7p.m., or November 29 between 11a.m. and 2 p.m. Sophomores can also sign up at Direct any questions to Kathleen O’Keefe at or call 845-569-3180.

Sophomores- take advantage of this opportunity that is only offered to you. Being a sophomore is a powerful position, you already know the Mount well, but still have time to decide on a future. There is no better time to get involved than right now. Make connections, be aware, and educate yourself on all the great opportunities that are only an arm’s reach away.