Snow Hurts

Feb 27, 2017
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By: Tori Kuhr

The first few weeks back to school are usually anticipated with excitement. But due to the snow dangers are sure to arise, with a lack of snow removal on and around campus making students’ venturing to class a constant factor of worry.

From excessive snowfall, the Mount has already seen three delayed openings and one snow day. Even after the snow had stopped and classes were in session, students found it difficult to walk around campus without worrying about slipping and hurting themselves. Though the campus is small in size, students regularly expect the walkways and stairs to be salted in the aftermath of a storm.

Following the latest instance of massive snowfall, the sidewalk behind the Kaplan Recreational Center, generally known as the easiest way for freshman girls to walk from their residence, Sakac Kall, to Aquinas Hall was not cleared until a student slipped on ice in the road and informed security.

While a perfect system is not easily obtainable, unmanageable walkways are never a desirable occurrence.

During their travel to campus, many commuters have experienced troubles as well, especially those who must cross the Beacon Bridge. When snow accumulates and eventually forms ice on the respectably older structure, car tires are susceptible to significant damage.

Sometimes, not making it to one or two classes is better than having to pay for replacement tires when dealing with the daily crossing of the bridge.

The hope is for snow removal efficiency to go up, and student outrage to go down.