The Seniors after winning the Mount Olympics Trophy. (Photo by Lee Ferris, Mount Saint Mary College)

by Victoria Alario

Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC)’s seniors have won the annual Mount Olympics for their third year in a row at the event held Thursday, Oct. 23.

Senior Class President Roe DiStefano is thrilled to have won the Olympics in her first year as the president of her class.

The juniors and seniors were neck and neck throughout the battle, making it a close call.

“It took a lot to prepare for this night,” said DiStefano. “I definitely felt the pressure since our class has [previously] won the Olympics two times in a row. Everything was on me to make sure we won again, especially now as the graduating class.”

Junior Class President Nick Marano was proud of his class for coming in second place after losing three consecutive years.

“I feel like we won,” Marano said. “The fact that the entire class came together, sold out all of our shirts, and came in first place for a couple of the games truly makes me feel like a winner. We’ve never come this close before.”

Mount Olympics is a night to bring students together and enhance their sense of community among other students rather than be separated as winners and losers.

Freshman Danielle Ciullo said losing was expected, but her class still had a great time at the event.

“It was good to see everything that goes on so we can be prepared for next year,” Ciullo said. “I wish we knew more about what it’s like beforehand, but we still had so much fun just being a part of it.”

Sophomore Jessica Daigle felt this year was a chance to step up, now that her class is aware of how the event works, but was caught by surprise when new games were added.

“The coordinators added some new games in and it kind of threw us off,” Daigle said. “But that’s what a battle is all about. Now we’ll know for next year to be prepared for a couple of curveballs. We’re going to win!”

DiStefano knew to expect the unexpected when it comes to the Olympics.

“We practiced a lot,” DiStefano said. “It was difficult to bring everyone together because this is midterms month. It took a lot of organizing and planning, but everyone truly got involved to help out and attend every practice.”

Seniors Victoria Trocino and Geraldine Yniguez were major factors in DiStefano’s team, with jobs of creating the banner and choreographing the skit.

“Having everyone help out is really what Mount Olympics are all about,” DiStefano said. “Everyone had their own participating role, whether they are part of the senate or just students in the class.”

At the end of the night, the seniors were announced as the first place title holders after winning Powder Puff, the obstacle course, the swimming race, and Kan Jam with a total of 178 points.

“My entire class held me up in the air with the trophy when they called our grade for first place,” DiStefano said. “It was such an awesome feeling knowing we won the Olympics for our last year here.”