by Joseph Mastando

With the presidential and senatorial elections approaching at the culmination of the year, much buzz has been circling the political campaign of 2012. This summer, Mount Saint Mary College Student Garrett Weeden will be aiding in this political process as an intern to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Weeden, who has recently been elected as the senior class president of the 2012-2013 academic year, has been selected out of a pool of applicants to assist New York democratic senator Kirsten Gillibrand in her political campaign toward reelection. Weeden referred to the internship as “very competitive” and said he was surprised when he found out how uncommon the internship has been for Mount Saint Mary College students in the past.

The internship, which will extend approximately from May and June, will require between twenty to twenty-five hours of work a week. In his position, Weeden will be expected to keep updated on the daily local news, read briefs in the local papers, keep up to date with current political policies, help plan campaigning events, learn of other local politicians, answer phone calls to hear the complaints of the public, and report all of this information back to Gillibrand herself.

As a Political Science major, Weeden hopes that the internship will expose him to a realm of his studies that he has yet to experience. He plans to use this opportunity to point him in the correction direction for his future. Regardless if he pursues this field or not, Weeden is extremely excited for the opportunity that Mount Saint Mary College’s College and Careers office has helped him obtain.