Image courtesy of: James McVey

By: James McVey

If you see something, do you say something? What if that makes you a snitch? Are there warning signs before outbursts of violence?

Kristie Cox and Collin Johnson, president and vice president of Kappa Delta Pi as well as seniors at the Mount, answered all of these questions as they delivered a presentation on violence prevention on Apr. 11 in the Hudson Glass Lounge.

Adopted from the Sandy Hook Foundation, the presentation covered three distinct topics. The first topic reviewed the warning signs, signals and threats to be on the lookout for and how one identify them. There is almost always a sign before any hostility takes place. Signs include withdrawal, excessive anger, extreme mood changes, feelings of rejection, changes in behavior or personality and thoughts of harming others or oneself. If we all pay more attention to our peers and surroundings, we can pick out those patterns and prevent violent acts from transpiring.

The second topic emphasized the significance of acting on and reporting suspicious behavior. Take it seriously. When it comes to suicide and gun violence, you do not want to be addressing it after fatal actions have occurred. As Johnson said, “You do not want to be a bystander. You want to be an upstander.”

The final topic advised individuals to not be afraid of speaking to a trusted adult when confronted with such a dire situation. This topic applies not only to violence prevention but to any issue that is currently troubling you or your peers.

Originally, this presentation only targeted younger students, but considering the fact that word needs to spread, it broadened to pertain to college students training to be future educators as well.