by Stephen Bloshuk

Over the last seven days, the media’s political focus has temporarily left better-known candidates like Donald Trump and Hillary Rodham Clinton. Now, all eyes are on a lesser-known candidate whose presidential aspirations are back on track.

On November 2, it was announced that Senator Marco Rubio (R- Florida) had been given his first official Senate campaign endorsement by Cory Gardner, a fellow Republican senator from Colorado.

Gardner, who officially announced his endorsement on October 26, said that Rubio “…presents this nation with the greatest possibility and opportunities to meet the challenges of this generation.”

Rubio’s recent campaign revival can also be attributed to his exemplary performance in last week’s Republican Party debate.

As of October 30, Rubio is ranked third in the polls, and is holding on to 9.6 percent of the Republican vote. This can be seen as a campaign median for him; his popularity peaked in early May at 14.3 percent, and reached its lowest point (5.2 percent) in the first week of August.

This endorsement may be a small point of salvation for Rubio, who has recently come under fire for his abysmal voting record in the Senate. Between January 1 and September 9, Rubio missed 77 of 263 votes cast, calling his reliability as a politician into question.

As the 2016 election continues to unfold, it will be interesting to see how Rubio’s past actions affect his present and his future. While he has made a large comeback from his lowest point of popularity, Rubio still has two major obstacles in his way: Donald Trump and Ben Carson, who are currently battling for first place in the polls.

It will also be very interesting to see how Rubio handles the negative press stemming from his voting record, and if the publication of this statistic will damage his campaign in any way. One thing, however, is certain- Rubio has proven himself to be a candidate worthy of keeping an eye on.