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By: Charlie Sloves

At the end of the semester, most students on campus are eager to finish the semester strongly, raise their GPA’s, pack up their belongings and head home to enjoy their stress-free summers. But here at the Mount, there is a special day in store for students before we are able to pack up and leave our rooms behind for the next 15 weeks at home.

This special day is “Room Selection Day.” Prior to its annual occurrence, each MSMC student receives an email with their “lottery number.” The lottery number you have determines when you will get to choose the room you will move into when you return.

This process sounds simple, right? Well, it is far from it. Talk around campus heats up while room selection period equally intensifies, because the person in your year who holds the lowest lottery number, based on their academic standing and number of college credits, qualifies for priority selection. Matters escalate quickly, especially since there are various amounts of desirable places to live on campus. Everyone wants to choose the biggest room, or the one with the nicest view; understandable, yes, but these desirable places to live are very much limited.

Everyone wants to live in the Dominican Center or Elmwood, noted for their apartment-like atmosphere, as opposed to the customary college dorm settings one can expect, according to Mount students.

Sophomore Jennifer Masessa says the room selection process is “one of the most stressful days here.”

The process calls for students to line up in the Kaplan Recreational Center’s gym and stand on multiple-hour long lines, which eventually end when conferring with the residence life staff members who will help you choose your room.

In other words, you patiently (or impatiently) wait as if you are at the DMV; so bring a snack, or two, or five, because you will get hungry and bored. This is the Hunger Games, and everyone is in competition to reach the table, that magical light at the end of the tunnel, first, with no care of who they one-up to make it there.

While standing on line, there is normally a great deal of whispering: “I hope I get CC21;” “I hope I get room 114;” “If she chooses the room I want I will freak out and transfer!”

If your lottery number is high, there is a likely chance you will end up in a room with a view of a brick building. Unfortunately, this is not the four seasons hotel experience.

Last year, my lottery number was high because of the amount of credits I have, which I found odd because I usually don’t have the best of luck. It’s funny how they call it a lottery number; I figured I would always get stuck in the room I don’t want since the most I’ve ever won is $3 off a scratch off.

To sum it up, Room selection day is a rough day on campus, but you never know, you could end up with the room you wanted to live in the most, or you will have to suck it up and hope for better luck next year. Whatever happens, just remain calm. After all, it is just a room selection, not a life or death situation. Still, may the odds be ever in your favor!