Brazilian politician Marina Silva. (Photo courtesy of

by Angelo Pacheco

Brazil’s Presidential campaign may have significant implications for the United States.

Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was notorious for berating the United States and their policies. Da Silva viewed the people of the United States as the “evil imperialists” and had aspirations to remove Brazil from U.S. dependency and build an economy without its influence.

Fast forward to the current Presidential campaign in Brazil. Presidential candidate Marina Silva believes Brazil should renew its relationship with the United States and perhaps share a similar foreign policy.

According to Yahoo News, if she is elected, she will “improve ties with the U.S. and strongly push for human rights in nations like Cuba.”

Clearly, she understands the United States is a powerhouse in the economic world and her thoughts on U.S. dependency is rooted in economic growth for Brazil.

She believes Brazil must grow internally and continue to modernize, which has helped make it one of the more successful nations in South America.

However, Silva believes it is time to make the leap into the modern international market.

She addresses Cuba, stating, “The best way to help the Cuban people is by understanding that they can make a transition from the current regime to democracy, and that we don’t need to cut any type of relations.”

She believes the Cuban people must modernize and enter the current world economy because they are not developed economically.

“It’s enough that we help through the diplomatic process, so that these [human rights] values are pursued,” she said.

Silva believes all of this can be achieved through democracy, that Cubans should exercise full citizenship within their nation and be proactive in the development of their economy and country.

The United States may favor Presidential candidate Marina Silva. She is perfectly aligned with some U.S. foreign policies and is willing to collaborate with the United States.

If she is victorious, we may see a renewed relationship and perhaps stronger ties between both nations.