Dominican Center
The Dominican Center of the Mount Saint Mary College campus. (Photo by Lee Ferris, Mount Saint Mary College)

by Victoria Wresilo

Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC) seniors are preparing to graduate in less than two short weeks. During their final days at MSMC they will be living in the Dominican Center for Senior Send-Off.

Previously, graduating seniors lived in Sakac Hall for Senior Week, but now, graduating residents have been given the opportunity to live in the Dominican Center, the newest building on campus. The Dominican Center, according to the MSMC website, was once home to the Dominican Sisters of Hope who first opened the college.

In 2011, MSMC purchased the towering building for $5 million from the Dominican Sisters, and the college immediately renovated its expansive space. The building now has three floors of dorms, a two-floor library, a dining area, a movie lounge, and a fitness center.

The graduating seniors will take advantage of all these amenities and more while living on campus during Senior Send-Off.

“We wanted to give the seniors the opportunity to enjoy the building before they graduate and leave the Mount,” said Sandra Cefaloni-Henderson, director of student activities. “After all, they watched it get built and we’re so excited about it too!”

Not only will seniors get to live in the Dominican Center, but they will also get to participate in events throughout the week.

“The exciting events of the week include the boat cruise on the Hudson river, the big senior BBQ with novelties under the tent, the 21 club, and comedy show,” Cefaloni-Henderson said.

What a lot of students seem to be excited for is this new living experience.

“I am excited to be living in such close proximity with all of my friends,” senior Tori Lapinski said.

Other students are most excited about the views from the building.

“The view at the top of the hill is breathtaking,” said senior Jess Cowell.

Although most students are looking forward to the Dominican Center, some students are disappointed they will never get to actually live there.

“I am excited to be living in the Dominican Center,” senior Nicole Zazzero said. “However, I feel like the arrangement will make it harder to accept the fact that we seniors will never get the chance to dorm there.”

Students will get to live in the Dominican Center starting in August 2014.