(Photo by Sergey Dolzhenko/EPA, thegaurdian.com)

by Angelo Pacheco

For the past several months, the media has provided extensive coverage of the crisis in Ukraine.

While Russia has been portrayed as the imperialist that wants to keep a stronghold in Ukraine and preserve their interests, a recent NBC article titled “Russia’s Putin: Deal to End Ukraine ‘Bloodshed’ Could Come Friday,” suggests Russia has softened its stance on Ukraine.

However, this raises valid and pertinent questions towards Russia’s new political stance: Why would Russia want to cease their involvement in Ukraine? And why would Russia want to give up after several months of occupation?

According to the article, “Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested Wednesday that an agreement ‘to end the bloodshed’ in Ukraine could be reached as early as Friday, when talks are planned.”

Russia wants an immediate resolution to the Ukraine issue. Some people may view this as noble, as Russia wants to address it as soon as possible. Others may view this under a different lens.

The article establishes the perspective of Ukraine, stating, “Ukraine’s prime minister immediately hit back at the comments, saying that they were an attempt to avoid further sanctions and that the only way to end the conflict was for Moscow to stop its involvement in the country.”

Ukraine believes Russia wants to lessen their sanctions and perhaps eliminate some of the sanctions they received.

Recently, NATO, the United States, France, and a host of other countries have made strong declarations towards Russia’s involvement in Ukraine. All of these participants have issued warnings towards Russia for immediate removal of troops from Ukraine, or to prepare for heavy sanctions.

The reader is entitled to believe either Russia or Ukraine’s perspective.

A majority of the world’s view lies with Ukraine. Many feel it is time to issue sanctions and try to preserve peace in Europe.

The European Union in their recent history has been able to avoid a catastrophic war. NATO, along with many other nations wants to continue their peaceful reign.

We shall see if Russia is willing to comply with their peace agreement, or if they are willing to receive sanctions.