By Alyssa Walrad

As we near President Biden’s 100th day in office, his ambitious agenda has left many wondering just how much he is capable of accomplishing. From doubling the COVID-19 vaccine distribution and administration, to providing $1,400 relief checks to millions of Americans in a desperate time, the President has created an almost surreal expectation of policy initiative and implementation before his milestone on April 30. 

As of April 19, about 90% of adults are eligible to receive the coronavirus vaccine. This comes just shy of a week after his announcement to once again, increase eligibility and accessibility to adults to receive said vaccine. According to CNN, President Biden is set on increasing pharmacy sites from 17,000 to 40,000, with hopes that by the end of his 100th day, every eligible adult will have a vaccination site within five miles of their residency. Sadly, the United States has surpassed 567,000 deaths from COVID-19 and Biden has since launched a funeral assistance program through the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help offset burial costs for those who have lost loved ones. He currently has garnered roughly three-fourths of Americans’ approval for his efforts combatting the pandemic.

President Biden has also focused on repairing foreign relations, starting with re-entering the United States into the Paris climate accord. This move comes after a roughly 12-year battle, across multiple presidential terms from environmentalists and advocacy groups who claim that the world is in a dire climate circumstance that may not be reversible. The United States is the second-largest carbon-emissions producer, next to China, and has made the most negative contribution to global climate change than any other country in the world. Re-joining the accord signals to the rest of the world that the United States is ready to make positive changes for the environment and will be a front runner when leaders meet in Glasgow in late 2021. 

While Biden is up to par with a solid 59% overall approval rating, according to a Pew poll, he is only 2% away from his old boss, former President Barack Obama. Yet, he is arguably lacking in many other areas, including immigration reform. The White House has since backtracked their use of “crisis” at the border, as the number of migrant children in United States custody exponentially rises and places an unclear label on where top officials stand on immigration. Since Biden has been inaugurated through March 2021, the number of unaccompanied minor children in the U.S. Customs and Border Control custody has increased to over 5,800. This agency is not equipped to, nor intended to, care for children long-term according to CNN, which raises the question of how the United States is effectively caring for these children seeking asylum.