Image courtesy of: Essence of Poetry

By James McVey

“Poetry As Therapy,” an event on Oct. 12 sponsored by Essence of Poetry, was a presentation that aimed to highlight some of the therapeutic advantages writing poetry.

The vent described writing poetry to be a cathartic experience and can help you separate yourself from raw emotion while gaining a sobering perspective. Topics such as breakups, divorce, loss, love, and joy all transition to literary works. Unique takes on such experiences can also lead to some lovely prose.

Sam Mazzella, Mount freshman, said “I found [the event] very interesting and eye opening. I was unaware that poetry could be therapeutic or how therapy could encompass things such as poetry.”

There is intense intrinsic rewards to be had from sifting through raw emotion while on the path towards self-discovery.

According to the presentation at the event, whether you are feeling overly joyful or lugubrious, it can prove to be helpful to capture those rare feelings in writing. You will be surprised how you feel after writing and sharing poetry, and how each emotional state of mind is ultimately temporary.

If you’re curious about poetry, stop by an Essence of Poetry meeting, which are held weekly at 7:30 in Whittaker. Anyone is welcome to just sit and listen and or to share their creations.