by Stephen Bloshuk

A five-day search for a shooter ended on Monday, September 30  at 9:30 a.m when authorities removed the body of Sang Ho Kim, 63, from the Hudson River about ten miles south of Cold Spring, NY.

Kim had fled after shooting a coworker and his boss in the Garden City office of Savenergy Incorporated, a company that sold energy-efficient light fixtures. Zechariah Yong Jae Shin, 25, was killed immediately, while John Choi, 68, was hospitalized in critical condition.

The Roosevelt Field Mall, although only one of many shut down after the incident, saw a drastic security increase because of its proximity to the shooting. Roads in the area were blocked, and many schools were on lock down.

Kim’s past was troubled: he was an alcoholic, married for the third time, and had been arrested for DUI and other crimes. Choi, the surviving victim, met Kim in their Presbyterian church, and hired the shooter out of charity.

A tactic Kim often employed was intimidation. According to the New York Times, his coworkers described him as “brusque, domineering, and demanding.” Although he was paid a large base salary, he would often demand commissions for deals before they had been closed. Eventually, this lead to a cut in Kim’s hours.

The shooting may also have been caused by Kim’s treatment at work- according to his mother and widow, Mr. Kim complained both that he was being treated poorly and was convinced the company was deleting files so he would not be paid.