Powell Paving
The intersection of Powell Avenue and Elmwood Place, which has been blocked off recently due to construction. (Photo by Jac Bergenson)

by Stephen Bloshuk

Everyone at Mount Saint Mary College, regardless of their status as a resident or commuter, knows very well that Powell Avenue is our main vein to the outside world. This vein has been undergoing some “reconstructive surgery,” so to speak, since August 27, when a construction crew began the process of repaving our campus’ crossroad. As a result, nobody has been able to use any of the parking spots on Powell Avenue for the past two weeks and has been required to find different paths onto campus, but this is not the main issue to many Mount students.

The construction crews, although obligated to do their job, have, unfortunately, been disturbing the peaceful work environment that some students need to get their work done. “What really makes me hate this,” says sophomore resident Liz Martinez, “is that these guys are doing their work so early in the morning. I got woken up at 7 a.m. because of this!”

The residents, however, are not the only ones annoyed—many of our commuter students, who are accustomed to using Powell Avenue on a daily basis, are being forced to change their routes. Sophomore commuter George Goodman comments on the subject: “Having to find a different way to get to class every day is what I find really annoying.”

In spite of this, there are also a few Mount residents who are not bothered. Junior Robert Petrarca says, “I’m not really in my room during the day [when they do the work], so it really doesn’t bother me.” Others, despite their proximity to the construction, like junior Anne Eisner, “don’t hear the construction at all.”