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By Tori Kuhr

“Oh, the Humanity and Other Good Intentions,” a play by Will Eno, was performed by Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC) students on Nov. 9, 10 and 11 at 7:30pm.

The play consisted of five different scenes, each having nothing to do with the prior, but all along the lines of a personal life-story of people who don’t know what’s to come. Time is different in the past, present and future, and ends up changing our perception of our lives depending on the moments in our lives.

Minimal set design, staging and props allowed the small cast to focus on portraying their characters effectively. Director James Phillips surprised the audience by performing the first scene, “Behold the Coach, In a Blazer, Uninsured,” alone.

My favorite scene was titled “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Rain”. Lady, played by Danielle Petricca, a junior English major with a dual certification in special/adolescent education, spoke of time while talking to a potential suitor over video chat. Gentleman, played by Steven Scodes, a senior media production major with a minor in theatre, described himself as someone with many flaws when video chatting Lady. Both held a passion in their voices when discussing time elapsing and people not stopping to listen and observe the world.

At the end of the scene, Lady and Gentleman got up without knowing if the webcam was working. They spoke of their desires, thoughts and aspirations, probably thinking they found someone who could relate to them on a deeper level. The suspense at the end leaves the audience wondering what the future holds for the two of them. The play wants the audience to take a look at our own lives and contemplate.

Keep an eye out for shows on the horizon: Petricca mentioned that next semester’s production will be a musical review of Tom Lehrer’s songs, produced by Professor Phillips and Dr. Entrekin.