Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un inspecting Korean People's Army Unit 323 (Photo by Getty Images)

by Angelo Pacheco

Although some may have chuckled during the movie “The Interview,” which pokes fun at North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un, Kim has once again made headlines connecting his nation to new weaponry.

According to a Yahoo News article, North Korea continues to strengthen their military with massive rockets.

Yahoo reports, “North Korea has test-fired a new ‘ultra-precision’ intelligent rocket to be deployed across its navy…stepping up its development of missile technology.”

Most world news experts believe this is Kim stretching his might to become respected internationally, and perhaps a threat to neighbors in South Korea. Others believe this is Kim’s latest ploy to allow North Korea to get more international news recognition.

“Satisfied with the ‘perfect’ development of the new rocket, Kim called for the production of ‘more tactical guided weapons of high precision and intelligence.’”

North Korea will continue to be relentless in the massive production of these missiles, for Kim’s agenda is to keep North Korea domestically strong, while continuing to increase the nation’s military strength.

He continues to be a leader that is not mindful or sensitive to the United Nations, viewed as a leader that partakes in whatever he desires.

“The nuclear-armed communist country has pushed for the development of new ballistic missiles and rockets, despite heavy sanctions imposed by the international community.”

Furthermore, Yahoo reports that the “UN passed a resolution condemning North Korea’s human rights record and calling for its leaders to be investigated for crimes against humanity.”

Kim is a leader that controls every facet of North Korean daily living, wanting to keep his nation on lockdown and does not care what the international community thinks of him.

“South Korea and American experts believe the North could be on the way to developing missiles that could threaten the US mainland.”

The U.S. knows that he is a relentless leader that does not respect authority and wants to fuel tensions with South Korea.

North Korea is a covert nation that is not highly industrialized and remains a massive mystery to the modern world.

Although many people outside North Korea do not know or understand Kim’s rhetoric, domestic policies, or military, he will continue in his developments, and continue to make North Korea a threat to the world.