(Photo courtesy of thefyd.com)

by Christine Urio

November. A time for turkey, early holiday shopping, and not shaving.

No-Shave November, or “Noshember,” was a concept that originated as a unique way to raise cancer awareness.

According to their official site, “The goal of No-Shave November is to grow awareness by embracing our hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free.”

Hair removal, like everything else, is an industry in America, with billions of dollars spent each year on products. For one month, people are encouraged to forgo their grooming routines and donate the money they save on shaving products to “educate about cancer prevention, save lives, and aid those fighting the battle.”

People participate by refraining to shave their face, legs, arms, and anything else, to grow out their luscious locks and make a statement, hopefully starting a conversation. Many are known to document their furry journey on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter each week to show their progression in the challenge.

As the cold weather settles in, some are thankful for an excuse to keep the hair on their bodies while others see not shaving as a time saver.

“Of course I’m participating,” said Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC) student Roy Forster. “It’s a time to be lazy, and it’s socially acceptable to be lazy, especially if you’re a college student.”

This furry energy can be seen all around campus, for MSMC’s lacrosse team has also taken the initiative to participate together in the event this month.

Girls, too, have taken the challenge to partake in Noshember.

“It was popular in my high school because it was all girls, and we know it’s tedious to shave. Plus, you need some kind of protection from this freezing weather,” said MSMC student Lauren.

“We are all wearing pants in November anyway so it shouldn’t matter,” she said. “Who is going to pick up our pant leg and say ‘Ew, you don’t shave!’  Be comfortable and be confident and others will see you that way.”

Whatever your hairy scary reasons are, make sure to check out the official No-Shave November website so we can become one step closer to eradicating Prostrate Cancer.