by Stephen Bloshuk

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In every election, there are candidates who begin their campaign with confidence, but eventually discover that their chances of victory are slim. This was the case with Rick Perry (R-Texas), who withdrew from the race on September 11 due to a lack of support in early-voting states.

The overwhelming popularity of frontrunner Donald Trump undoubtedly contributed to Perry’s downfall. Trump, known for his brutal honesty on what he calls the “No Apologies” tour, has continued to gain voter support despite his many controversial statements. This popularity has affected not only Perry, but has also damaged the campaigning hopes of many smaller-name Republican candidates.

One of the aforementioned candidates is Chris Christie, the current governor of New Jersey. Christie, who entered the race on June 30, is a perfect example of a confident candidate; at his campaign kickoff in Livingston, New Jersey, he stated to the cheering crowd “We are going to win this election, and I love each and every one of you.”

Christie’s quickly dwindling support has led many analysts to believe that he will be the next Republican candidate to withdraw from the election. His popularity in the polls, which once stood as high as 14 percent, has dwindled to a paltry 1 percent of the Republican vote.

Although Christie remains in the election for now, it will be interesting to see what path he chooses for the future. For now, however, it seems that Donald Trump poses an insurmountable obstacle to the advancement of most of the other Republican campaigns. This election, no matter what the outcome for Christie or any other candidate, will be memorable and should be followed very closely no matter what your political allegiance may be.