by: Clare O’Keefe

New Yorkers were able to cast their votes for the presidential election on Tuesday, April 19.

In New York, voting polls were opened from as early as 6 a.m., until 9 p.m. People across the state went out during the day and casted their ballots.

Donald Trump or “Mr. New York” as some have nicknamed him, was projected to win New York from the gecko. Hillary Clinton, former United States Senator from New York, wasprojected to have a close race with Brooklyn born and raised, Senator BernievSanders.

Donald Trump ended up with 60.4 percent of New York Votes, winning him 89 delegates. Governor John Kasich won 25.1 percent of the votes, gaining four delegates for himself. Senator Ted Cruz only received 14.5 percent of New York’s vote and didn’t gain any delegates. After Ted Cruz made a degrading remark about “New York values,” earlier in the election season, it is no surprise that he did not have a significant turnout in the New York Primary.

In an initially tight race, Hillary Clinton ended up winning New York’s Primary. Clinton ended up with 58.0 percent of the votes, which gave her 139 delegates. Bernie Sanders won 42.0 percent of the votes giving him a total of 106 delegates.

Donald Trump is still in the lead with 845 delegates, followed by Ted Cruz with 559 delegates and last but not least, John Kasich with 148 delegates. The Republican candidate needs a total of 1,237 delegates in order to win the primary. There are only 733 left for them to claim.

In the Democratic race, Hillary Clinton has a total of 1,930 delegates and Bernie Sanders has 1,189. A total of 2,383 delegates are needed to win the Democratic primary and there are 1,646 available left. It’s safe to say that this could end up being a very close race for the Democratic Party. What was interesting about the

Democrat’s voting is that Bernie Sanders essentially almost every county in upstateNew York, but lost the big counties that really mattered, for example all of New YorkCity.

New York’s Primary showed how vital voting could really be in this election. Who will become our next president? Time will soon tell.