Image courtesy of: MSMC Flikr

By: Kim Kelly

Student organizations have always been a big part of the Mount community, and the beginning of the fall 2019 semester has brought about many new opportunities for new or returning Mount students to get involved on campus. Three new clubs have been officially recognized by SGA and are open for students to join: Story Knights, Sustain MSMC and  Mount Influencers. 

If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at coming up with stories and making original characters come alive then Story Knights is the place for you. Story Knights is a creative writing club run by Mount senior Raiya Isaac and junior Leanna Vergis. “Stories and writing promote a deeper understanding of one another, provide solace, and allow us to engage in imaginative thinking. With this in mind, our club’s aim is to give students the opportunity to write, share, and critique the stories they and others write to help them develop into better storytellers,” said Isaac.

With global warming in full effect, a hot topic in today’s media has been sustainable living. Some Mount students have taken initiative and become apart of Sustain MSMC. The goals of Sustain MSMC are “to reduce the carbon footprint of the students on campus and educate our students, and the communities surrounding our campus about the impact we have on our environment,” said club member and Mount senior Alex Perlak.

Mount Influencers aims to help improve Mount social media presence and teach students how to use social media to its fullest capacity. Elizabeth David, a member of Mount Influencers, stated, “I hope to help influence future and current Mount students with the things I write about on the blog or the potential things I post on social media.”