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By Samuel Young

MSMC Allies and Improvology hosted a celebration of National Coming Out Day on Oct. 11. The event, held at 8 p.m. in the Knight Spot, put a spotlight on the coming out stories of various members of the LGBT community with improvisers reenacting these stories alongside narrations.

National Coming Out Day is an annual day which began in 1988 that celebrates members of the LGBT community openly declaring their identities and orientations.

Coming out always results in a wide range of emotions, and many of the 30 members of the audience felt these emotions during every story told at the event.

Throughout the event attendees learned of the trials and tribulations of coming out. Stories of the stress and uncertainty of being outed on social media, the frustration of bi erasure, the joy of complete acceptance and the frustration of a pinnacle moment being undercut by a series of dad jokes were some of what was shared at the event.

As the event concluded, the audience filed out of CC 392 with what they felt was a renewed respect for the LGBT community and a better understanding of what the community faces.