Mock Interview
Liliana Peralta, who has participated in Mock Interview Week three times since her Freshman year. (Photo by Lee Ferris, Mount Saint Mary College)

by Joseph Mastando

Spanning from Feb. 18-21, Mount Saint Mary College’s (MSMC) Career Center hosted its fifth annual Mock Interview Week. Organized by Co-Ops and Internships Coordinator Andrea Kerr, the event sought to prepare students for the post-graduation world by placing them into interviews with professional employers from across the state.

The interviews do not offer any employment opportunity at their conclusions, at least for the majority, but rather, the employers ask students questions to analyze and critique their interviewing skills. The questions target from general topics, such as the students’ majors, resumes, and future plans, in order to evaluate their verbal and physical habits during the interviewing process.

“Mock interviews really give students a chance to practice interviewing skills without jeopardizing a job,” said Kerr.

At the end of the process, students receive an evaluation sheet outlining their strengths and weaknesses, informing them what to improve and what to flaunt.

“The best thing is the feedback you receive. It helped me see what areas I needed to work on,” said senior public relations major Liliana Peralta who has attended the event three times since her Freshman year.

This year, 45 students lined up to meet with 14 representatives of nearly every major MSMC has to offer, including many noteworthy professionals. The lit includes Don Presutti, technical manager from Fox News, Thomas Weddell, managing partner of Vanacore, and Hilda Merolli, RN MSN, from St. Francis Hospital.

“After doing mock interviews for the past three years, I can say that it helps with giving an overview of what an interview feels like,” said Peralta.  “It also gets you into the habit of researching the company and preparing questions.”

Though many students have not participated as frequently as Peralta, the event has prepped them for the interviewing process.