Image courtesy of: Kyle McIntyre

By: Tanner Tait

An MSMC van drove into the tennis courts the afternoon of Oct. 4.

MSMC Senior Ariana Montagnino witnessed the crash from across the street while at her internship in the Marketing Department. “We heard the crash of the van hitting the fence,” Montagnino said, “so we got up and watched the tail-end of the van go into the tennis courts.”

Director of Media Relations Matt Frey was one of the first people on scene after the crash. “The only person in the van had been the driver,” Frey said. “I was told on the scene that [the driver] did not suffer any apparent injuries, but agreed to go to the hospital as a precaution.” Frey noted the Mount’s Office of Security and Safety’s professionalism with assessing the situation, keeping students safe and returning the campus to normal as quickly as possible. “As always, I’m proud of the Mount’s dedication to safety and our community,” Frey said.

By the next morning, the scene was cleaned up and the fence was repaired.

Security declined to comment due to the nature of the ongoing investigation. The identity of the driver has not yet been confirmed.