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By Mike Reistetter

Dr. David A. Kennett, formerly an Economics professor at Vassar College, was officially announced as the new interim president of Mount Saint Mary College on Aug. 16.

A fixture at Vassar for forty years, Kennett wields a mighty fine resume with additional merits. He has authored four books and monographs, is a frequently sought after guest speaker, and was an economics consultant to organizations such as the U.S. Justice Department, The United Nations, and The World Bank.

“I am very excited to build on the momentum of the Mount by ensuring the continuation of its high standards of academic rigor and the strong values it has always demonstrated,” Kennett said, according to a press release on the MSMC portal page. “I am deeply committed to always acting in the best interest of Mount Saint Mary College and ensuring that we create an environment that drives it forward and continues its growth.”

The Mount Community looks forward to seeing the presidency of Dr. Kennett unfold right before their eyes. Welcoming in the scholar, whose prestigious Alma matters include both: University of Sussex, England, and Columbia University, respectively, will be an easy task. The only hard part will be the promised inevitably—bidding Kennett farewell two academic calendar years from now.

Until then, we wish Kennett the best of luck, and hope he feels as acclimated with, and at home, as we all do here at MSMC.