9/11 Vigil
Luminaries displayed in Guzman Hall for the 9/11 Vigil. (Photo by Daneil McLaughlin)

by Christine Urio

On Thursday, September 11, Campus Ministry welcomed the Mount Saint Mary College community to attend the Candlelight Peace Vigil offered in the Founder’s Chapel. At 7:15pm, students and faculty solemnly gathered to honor and remember fallen soldiers, firefighters, and loved ones.

There was a sense of unity throughout the church which warmly glowed as candles were passed out to all, radiating faces pained by memories. A mixture of sadness and peace presided over those who gathered as Father Francis gave a brief introduction and prayed for peace, stating, “We remember those who have died, but look to the future with hope as we pray that instead of hate and anger, the world may come to know love.”

There were readings from the book of the prophet Isaiah, Letters of James, and a Holy Gospel according to Matthew.  Dr. Mary Hinton had the privilege of giving an inspirational homily as she recalled the events of this tragic day.  The community then prayed for victims of terrorism, those who live with violence, our leaders, and the ability to forgive in order to end all hatred.  A short video of reflection was then presented, displaying images of the turmoil our nation underwent twelve years ago.  Excerpts were read from a speech given by Pope Francis Angelus on September 1st.

All were encouraged if they wished, to take a moment and remember those fallen at the remembrance display set up in the lobby, featuring a black and white photograph of the Twin Towers, encircled by candles sitting on the floor upon red, white, and blue stars.  In the humid night air, the last words of the closing hymn rang, “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.”