by Catie Kehoe

In the spirit of library week, Thursday the 22nd to Friday the 30th, the school has been running a book drive. This was an unprecedented initiative, inspired by this year’s Shel Silverstein library week theme. The Giving Tree, one of Silverstein’s most acclaimed books, addresses the importance of giving.

Tiffany O’Leary, a librarian in Hudson’s Curriculum library, was one of the main staff members orchestrating this event. She stressed its integral role in not only “promoting literacy” but “helping local schools and Newburgh.” Mount Saint Mary College will be distributing the books to schools in the Newburgh area and has partnered with Scholastic to provide books for sale, conveniently on campus. Both Orange County Head Start and Sacred Heart High School will be distributing all of the books that are collected. This initiative will no doubt have a positive impact on the surrounding community.

Although, the drive is coming to a close, O’Leary advised that there are other drives throughout the year, organized by the Education Honors Society, to be on the watch for.