Mar 3, 2014
MS Event
Christina SanFelippo (left) and Amanda Cavaciuti (right). (Photo by Victoria Wresilo)

by Victoria Wresilo

Mount seniors surpassed their goals at their March Multiple Sclerosis special event hosted on Saturday, Mar. 1st.

Public relations majors Christina SanFelippo and Amanda Cavaciuti held their Multiple Sclerosis (MS) special event and raised over $600, exceeding their original goal of $250, for the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Senior students within the arts and letters division have to develop and execute a thesis project to present at the end of the term. These young women had to come up with a final project that would show everything they have learned these past four years.

Cavaciuti and SanFelippo’s mothers both are living with MS. The girls decided to team up for the cause because the issue is close to their hearts.

SanFelippo said that she wants to help people like her mother after watching her daily struggles. That is the whole reason they made this their final project.

The event started at 10:45 a.m. as they welcomed MS patients and their caretakers inside Hudson auditorium for an activity-filled day.

Sodexo donated food for the event and over ten gift baskets and vendors were present. All of the proceed went directly to the MS Society. They raffled off the gift baskets at one dollar per ticket and ended up beating their original goal by $380 with a grand total of $630.

“Seeing the look on my mom’s face when everything was done and saying she was proud of me,” Cavaciuti said was the most rewarding.

Cavaciuti and SanFelippo reached their personal goals with their event and now are focusing on the awareness part of their MS campaign.

“We still have three more days of awareness and raffles for the students. So we look forward to raising even more than what we have now,” SanFelippo said.

After the event was over Cavaciuti and SanFelippo were happy with the outcome. “This entire experience was rewarding from start to finish,” SanFelippo said.

Both of the girls were grateful for the entire experience and the turnout of the event. “Everyone was so thankful that we were able to do this. We couldn’t have done it without the support from family, friends, but most important of all the professionals who donated their time to help the attendees,” said SanFelippo.

Both of these young women are going to graduate in May with their Bachelors in Public Relations.

SanFelippo plans to work for nonprofit. “I realized over time that I could help people in so many other ways. So I believe by working for a cause it will be just as successful for me,” said SanFelippo.

Cavaciuti’s goal is to work in special events. “I really do enjoy it. Even though it may take hard work to come together, the outcome is so rewarding and fulfilling,” she said.

In the end both women have the same goal for MS. “Overall, I think Amanda and I want to help people like our moms, because we know the challenges people like them face. I hope I can say in my lifetime that someone has found a cure to this dreadful disease,” SanFelippo said.

Everyone who attended took something away from the event. “We couldn’t have asked for a better turn out. Friends, family and people of all ages showed in support of people they know with MS,” senior Lauren Parrelli said, “that not only sends out a great message for me but for everyone who attended.”