(Photo courtesy of DailyFinance.com)

by Asma A. Neblett

Two Mount students were selected to participate in a mock-news set during a trip to NBC studios at Rockefeller Plaza.

Seniors Stephanie Weaver and Anthony Krueger played an anchorwoman and a weatherman, respectively.

Weaver, who is president of the Honors Council, and Krueger, a Student Government Association member, were with other Mount students who attended the trip lead by two NBC Pages.

Weaver said her experience as a mock-anchorwoman was “magical” and unexpected.

Kruger also agreed and said his time as a mock-weatherman on set was enlightening, especially seeing himself on air.

Mount students toured studios 3B, 6A, and 3K, which are home to many shows on the network.

NBC’s “Nightly News with Brian Williams,” is filmed in studio 3B.

The Pages said that Williams’ desk is made out of a Plexiglas material, where he can see news coverage from other networks, and online media to stay abreast during commercial breaks.

Studio 6A is the former home to the “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Show.”

According to the Pages, the studio was environmentally renovated and the only “diva-request” Fallon had was a 106-inch television for his studio set.

Mount students learned that MSNBC shows such as “First look” and “In The Round” are filmed in studio 3K.

Like many studios similar to 3K, they’re kept at a special temperature and pumped with frigid air because lighting can get as hot as 360 degrees.

Next to 3K was the set of Alec Baldwin’s late night talk show, “Up Late,” which recently debuted on MSNBC.

After the tour, Mount students ended their day by having a meal in the city and sight seeing before heading back to campus.