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By Alberto Gilman

Seventeen years ago 9/11 became of the worst tragedies in recent American history. On this past 9/11 Mount students held a ceremony in the Dominican Center chapel to remember and honor those lost..

The importance of this night was to remember what happened that fateful morning in New York City. It was a just a regular day for the thousands going to the city for work, and just like that their lives were changed forever.

Beginning with an opening statement by Father Greg, students performed reading, songs and prayers throughout the service.

Candles were lit in honor of those whose lives and loved ones were affected by the terrible tragedy that changed our country forever. The ceremony ended with a very powerful slideshow.

There were tears shed, people holding one another, with all maintaining reverence and silence during the service.

A rendition of America the Beautiful by all the students and guests in the chapel concluded the service. The echo of the song filled the entire room.