Siblings Weekend 2014
Students, Faculty, and Family enjoy the exotic animals featured during Siblings Weekend. (Photo by Lee Ferris, Mount Saint Mary College)

by Anthony Krueger

 Mount Saint Mary College students and their siblings were offered the opportunity to leave Newburgh and travel around the world in three days on the weekend of Feb. 21. The trip entailed more than the typical “Around the World in 80 Days” venture. MSMC’s Student Activities Council (SAC) planned a weekend that allowed students and siblings to travel the world in three days.

“We wanted to create a theme that was open to all ages,” said Vice President of Student Activities Council, Nicole Havrilla. “Our members quickly agreed that traveling the world could be the most adaptable and entertaining.”

Those who attended the weekend enjoyed the event even if they didn’t have a sibling present.

“I loved spending time with my brother and traveling the world through all the activities,” said sibling Rachel Krueger. “I feel that SAC and its members hit the nail on the head with the weekend.”

Once on campus, siblings arrived at Newburgh Airport. From there, the travel agenda flew them to Asia for dinner, London for bingo, and Spain for the Siblings Game Show. On Saturday morning, participants packed their bags and had a quick bite to eat in the hotel before jetting to the Caribbean for the carnival, followed by a trip to Italy for dinner. With full stomachs the participants traveled to Africa and went on a safari with their stuff-a-bear and ended their trip back in the U.S. for a night at the arcade.

Freshman Olivia Bogle said, “I really enjoyed the mechanical shark during the Caribbean carnival and the African Safari Stuff-a-Bear.”

The biggest attraction was the petting zoo held in the Hudson Atrium during the carnival.

Assistant Director of Student Activities, Caitlin Houlihan said she was so happy to see students’ reactions to the zoo. “Everyone loved learning about the animals and taking pictures with the kangaroo, goats, and bunny to name a few.”

“Overall I have heard nothing but good things about the weekend,” said Assistant to the Vice President of Student Activities Council, Danielle Farragher. “Come to think of it, all I keep hearing is positive feedback.”