(Photo courtesy of NationalMSSociety.org)

Christina San Felippo and Amanda Cavaciuti, two senior public relations majors, will host an event for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients and their caregivers on Saturday, Mar. 1 in Hudson Hall from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, “MS is a central nervous system disorder [that] affects the brain and spinal cord.” Some symptoms of the disease include numbness and tingling in various areas of the body, weakness of body parts, double vision, and fatigue among many others.

San Felippo and Cavaciuti created MS at MSMC to promote the resources that MS patients and their caregivers have available to them. The pair is hosting this event as their senior thesis project.

“Both of our mothers have MS,” said San Felippo. “The issue hits close to home.”

The event is divided into four sessions: nutrition, yoga, counseling, and massage therapy. Alma Yoga, Sodexo, MSMC’s Counseling Center, and a member of the Skonberg Family Chiropractic staff will lead the different sessions.

Local vendors, including Premier Designs and Beacon Bath and Bubble, will be present at the event.

“We thought it was appropriate to bring the community into our project,” said San Felippo. “My father is a small business owner, so I know how important it is to promote small businesses.”

Tickets to the event sell for $5 per patient and caregiver, or $3 for the general public, and can be purchased on the day of the event. All proceeds will be donated to the National MS Society.

“Everything we have at the event is important to know, whether you have MS or not,” said San Felippo. “We hope that everyone walks away having learned something new about this disease and how to live with it.”

If you cannot attend the event, but would like to donate to the National MS Society, donate here.