Dr. Davidson was a beloved friend, colleague, and professor who touched the lives of many in the Mount Saint Mary Community.by Erin-Therese Vecchi and Joseph Mastando

“She was the most supportive, compassionate, and inspirational woman I ever met.”

-Catherine Lipsky

Mount Saint Mary has lost a great. The classrooms seem a little dimmer without the bright smile that stretched across a hundred desks and illuminated an entire campus. This past summer, English professor Dr. Virginia Davidson was taken too soon from her students and too soon from the world.

Her students recognized her for her sharp wit and passion for teaching that never allowed for a dull class. From The New York Times to William Blake, Dr. Davidson taught all material with an exuberance of enthusiasm that made her pupils never want to skip a class. She was not an easy A, nor an easy B for that matter, she was one tough cookie who didn’t mind telling you that your best could always be better.

Dr. Davidson had a gift, a compelling power to engage the minds of all in her presence from her uncanny wisdom and undeniable kindness. She took challenging material and conveyed it with a joy and passion that resonated effortlessly in the minds and smiles of those around her. And let’s not forget, from her comfy Uggs to her sharp blazers, Dr. Davidson always looked fabulous doing so.

Her students will remember her for reading Tam O’ Shanter with a brogue and sticking up for Mrs. Warren’s profession, for reciting the prologue to Geoffrey Chaucer’s “The Canterbury Tales” with the best Middle English accent this school has ever heard, and for her unforgettable historical knowledge of a specific four-letter word unfit to be placed within this article.

Dr. Davidson’s impact on Mount Saint Mary College will always remain. To say that she will be greatly missed is an understatement; she is an irreplaceable piece of this college’s heart that will forever remain empty. However, we must remember that Dr. Davidson will always be found throughout campus in the knowledge she has implanted in her students, in the kindness she has shared with her fellow faculty members, and in the love she has embedded in the hearts of all. Rest in peace, Dr. Davidson. It was truly an honor to have been your students.