Mount Olympics 2013
The Mount Saint Mary College Class of 2015, the winners of this year's Mount Olympics. (Photo by Daneil McLaughlin)

by Nicollette Roland

On Wednesday, Oct. 23, Mount Saint Mary College held its annual Mount Olympics in the Kaplan Recreation Center, and the juniors took home the trophy.

Students were hit by warm air as they entered the gym, eagerly awaiting the beginning of the competition. Bodies collided as they moved through the crowd to pick a prime seat in the bleachers. Bright lights mixed with vibrant deep sea blues, midnight blacks, ruby reds, and angelic whites.

The gym was filled with students showing pride and compassion for their class. It was evident that everyone who lived on campus was there—from the freshmen who “bleed blue” to the seniors who are “all that.” That night, Kaplan was the place to be. When the competitions started, people became a united front as they cheered on their respective classes.

The dance skits for each class hyped up the crowd so much that before the physical competitions started ears were ringing. Each skit for every class was very unique and had its own flavor. The freshmen took “[bleeding] blue” to a whole new level as they imitated the infamous Blue Man Group. The sophomores, with their “wild for the Knights” theme, certainly had the crowd going wild.  The juniors shone in red representing Gatsby himself, and, of course, the seniors made it known that they were “all that.”

The seniors came in first place for the wacky relay race, traditional relay race, and the tug-of-war; however, it was not enough to hold off the juniors. The juniors’ attendance, banner, skit were all taken into consideration, as well as the coin wars and Spirit of the Mount Week apparel competitions in the days leading up to Mount Olympics.

“I’m upset we didn’t win,” says senior Katrina Avila. “We did so well with the games, and it would have been nice to get first place at least once in our career here at the Mount.”

Throughout each competition names were called and unity was seen, each and every class worked hard to win and every game was a close call; but in the end the juniors took home the trophy proving that they were the best of Mount Olympic competition.

One junior said that Mount Olympics was “freaking awesome!”

Head to Mount Olympics next year to see if the junior class, who will then be seniors, take first place for the third year in a row.