Juniors cheer on their class in the Mount Olympics. (Photo by Laura Boctor)

by Alexandra Hanlon

Barely being able to hear, screaming at the top of your lungs, cheering for your fellow grade; if you attend Mount Saint Mary College you know exactly what all this means. That’s right, the Mount Olympics. The Mount Olympics took place at Mount Saint Mary College on Wednesday, October 17 at 7:00 PM in the Kaplan Recreation Center. The Mount Olympics is a highly anticipated event that takes place every fall and attracts a large number of the student body. As a part of spirit week, the games enhance the school and class spirit of the students.

Each grade competes against one another in different events, such as relay races, banner competitions, performances, color wars, and more. This year the sophomores stole first place with their decorative banner, awesome performance, and impressive teamwork in each the games. Each event had everyone on their feet chanting for their peers as they competed.

Before the games began, each grade put on a short performance. The freshman class took on a rock n’ roll number, sophomores put on a creative circus-themed show, juniors invented a smashing hulk-themed dance, and the defending champions, the senior class, came out with a bang in Mardi Gras costumes that entertained the crowd.

Sophomores celebrate their win. (Photo by Laura Boctor)

After the conclusion of the first event, the relay began. Things took a turn for the worst when Senior AJ Silver was injured while playing leapfrog. Fellow classmates rushed to his aid as everyone else stood and wondered if this well-known and charismatic senior was going to be able to carry on in the games.

Badly injured, Silver was carried off the floor on a stretcher, while the seniors looked on nervous and upset at the loss of a valuable team player. The mood in the gym slowly dulled, especially for the senior class. Between the heat of the games, the antagonizing chants between classes, and a lost hope for winning for the second year in a row, most seniors cleared out before the conclusion of the games.

It was a close and exciting battle, but in the end, sophomores reigned supreme and won bragging rights for the year and a trophy. Every year, each class hopes to bring home the trophy, but will the sophomores be able to defend their title next year?