by  Brittany Ambrosino

Mount Messenger       You’ve read it right; Mount Messenger is getting its first print issue of the newspaper!

Mount Messenger got its start back in 2011 and was created by Mount Saint Mary College alumni, Erin-Therese Vecchi and Joseph Mastando. For the past five years, Mount Messenger has grown as a paper, covering news and controversies both on and off campus.             Read online by students, faculty, staff, and their families, Mount Messenger has strived to provide an excellent paper to the MSMC community and beyond.

The Mount Messenger has been a solely online newspaper since its start. We have worked towards our goal of producing a print issue every year, but due to funding, we have fell short year after year.

Mount Messenger owes a huge thank you to Brian McGann, aka Brian Stylez, who is the coordinator of MSMC’s new media center on campus, Knight Media. Due to the funds from Knight Media’s advertisers, Mount Messenger is able to afford a print issue every month for the remainder of the semester and this year.

This is a huge step for our newspaper as a whole, and we are so grateful to be able to provide you news, in a new, yet old fashioned format.

Our first ever print issue will hit MSMC by storm on October 14th. You can find our print issue around campus or in the Student Activities office.

Mount Messenger and Knight Media are teaming up October 14th, on the ground floor of Aquinas, for our Mount Messenger Print Issue Kick Off! Come visit our table and get the first ever print issue of our paper! We will have music provided by Knight Radio and you can also get more information regarding Knight Media!

We look forward to seeing the Mount Saint Mary College Community there!