by Johanna Seidel 

By now most of us have accepted the fact that the leisurely days of summer are over and the new school year has already has long study sessions, over caffeinated mornings, and monotonous lectures in store. For the Mount Messenger’s journalists however, it brings opportunities to delve into new issues and bring the students and community fresh stories. The newspaper is back in operation and better than ever.

We are excited to have the return of our editors and journalists from the previous academic year, and in addition we would like to welcome our new editors to the team: Alexis Coronato in charge of the News section, and Jonathan Geissler overseeing Sports.  Also, we are excited to welcome new, and fresh talented writers to the staff!

For those of you who were readers of the online student-run newspaper last year, you may notice some changes. New issues will now be released Mondays on a bi-weekly basis, instead of Fridays. The Mount Messenger has also added an online poll to our website, and new a Facebook page surveying the public opinion on a new topic to be written about in the following issue.  Topics will vary from campus issues, current events, and pop culture scandals. The poll questions are meant to stimulate student involvement and initiate discussion between readers.

Be sure to like the new Mount Messenger Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @MountMessenger. Take advantage of our social media accounts to stay in the loop with updates on new articles, as well as new issue releases. For those of you who are interested in contributing to the paper please feel free to stop by a meeting on Thursdays at 4:00 p.m. in the Hudson Conference Room!