Liberia battling the spreading Ebola epidemic. (Photo courtesy of time.com)

by Angelo Pacheco


The Ebola outbreak in West Africa continues to escalate, where the total deaths are substantially higher as compared to other regions around the world.

According to a BBC article, “West Africa continues to be impacted the worst. The number of people killed by the Ebola outbreak in West Africa has risen to 6,928, the World Health Organization (WHO) says.”

In addition, “The toll has increased by over 1,000 since the WHO’s last report on Wednesday, but it includes unreported deaths from earlier in the outbreak.”

“Infection rates are decreasing in Liberia, but are high in Sierra Leone,” causing one to infer that it may permeate into neighboring West African countries.

BBC has continued to support their claim that Ebola is softening in Liberia.

“More than 4,181 people have died of Ebola in Liberia but while the country has recorded the highest number of cases, the rate of infection is slowing.”

This is an encouraging sign for Liberians since they have heavily suffered from the virus, and perhaps is a sign that the outbreak is dissipating.

Fortunately, “Nigeria and Senegal are both clear of the quarantine period and no new cases or deaths have been reported.”

Although this is encouraging, once should be mindful of how the outbreak can shift either way in these neighboring countries.