Meet & Eat
Student Affairs serves dinner at the Meet and Eat event. (Photo by Sandra Cefaloni-Henderson)

By Joseph Mastando

On Thursday, September 5, Mount Saint Mary College’s dining hall, The View, fluttered with excitement as the Mount’s own Student Affairs served its community, but this time in a more tasteful fashion. With ladles in hand and hair caps strapped tightly, members of Student Affairs engaged in its first Meet and Eat project—an interactive approach for students to mingle with the acclaimed staff in a unique and personable way.

This innovative engagement originated as a spin off of the highly recognized college event titled “Midnight Breakfast” during which members of a college’s staff serve breakfast to students during finals week at midnight. Though the Mount does serve a midnight breakfast during finals, the only ones doing the serving are the Sodexo staff members.

The new take on this midnight breakfast came to fruition while Christine Pupek, Director of Residence Life, and Caitlin Houlihan, Assistant Director of Student Activities, were interviewing candidates for Resident Director positions. One candidate noted the midnight breakfast as performed by other schools, sparking interest in the two interviewers. Pupek and Houlihan immediately thought that serving the students would provide a fresh take on the new semester, and thus, Meet and Eat was born.

All of Student Affairs, including the departments of Athletics, Campus Ministry, Counseling/Disabled Student Services, Health Services, Residence Life, and Student Activities partook in the event. Meanwhile, the student body seemed to be supportive of the affair. Sophomore Public Relations major Becca Gordils spoke of the event saying, “It’s a good way to integrate the staff into the lives of the students.”

As many successful events become habitual at Mount, Meet and Eat might not have served its last meal. The next time The View clamors with interest, check it out! There might be hidden leftovers simmering inside.