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By: Tori Kuhr

Mount Saint Mary College held a mentor dinner for students to meet with alumni from each major. It was a success, as indicated by various emails about a full waitlist and a lack of room available.

The dinner is designed to introduce current students to alumni who went through the same process. Surprisingly, the majority of students who attended were freshmen and sophomores. There were only two young men who had also attended last year. The event counted as a First Year Experience credit for freshmen who needed it.

By arranging sit-down, professional “meet-and-dines,” students felt comfortable conversing with mentors without worry of being lectured. Rather than silence, laughter was heard booming throughout the specially decorated auditorium.

For those who did not attend, advice about jobs, interviews and life itself was offered. Here are some of the biggest takeaways:

  1. Networking is important.
  2. Create a portfolio of writing clippings for interviews.
  3. It is harder to change jobs than to change industries.
  4. Employers would rather you know the industry than a specific job.
  5. Your social life is limited as an adult.
  6. You have to take opportunities when they come.

People learned many different things at the dinner, but most people do not immediately recognize how important such an event is. This is a way to network with professionals in your field, and learn what opportunities are out there with certain majors. All the mentors offered business cards to keep in touch. A couple of mentors even offered internship opportunities to their mentees.

Some students only went for the free meal, but every student in attendance enjoyed what they were served.