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By: Jen Hasbun

The fall 2019 semester marks the debut of the newly-rebranded Communication, Art and Digital Media (CADM) program, formerly the media studies major. 

Under the direction of professor Dean Goldberg and supported by professors Regina Pappalardo, Christopher Neyen and Eric Langstedt, the program offers current and prospective students the opportunity to receive a Bachelor of Arts in digital media production, technology and digital media, journalism or advertising and public relations. Additionally, students can pursue a minor in art or film studies. 

Prior to the program’s modification, digital media production and journalism were offered only as concentrations in the overarching media studies major. The revision comes after The New York State Department of Education officially recognized both studies as distinct majors.

Goldberg – who has 25 years of experience as a writer and producer in the advertising world – said that the change was made at Mount Saint Mary in order to foster its presence as a communications school. “The video production and journalism areas were very small, years ago. PR was more popular, but there was little expertise,” he said, adding that the new majors would help overall recruitment in the forthcoming years.

The college’s scenic location is also promising for new entrants into the communications field, particularly production majors. Newburgh has grown into an artistic hotspot with local professionals labeling it “Hollywood East.” 

Students within the program are encouraged to present work at the art gallery, write for the Mount Messenger or contribute to Mount Media, the college’s in-house creative agency which does work for non-profit organizations. According to Goldberg, “These are pre-professional programs, not academic. We want to prepare you for the real world.” 

Goldberg has a clear vision for the future of CADM: “To make it one of the best pre-professional programs in the Hudson Valley.”