The first of many McDonald's cups to invade the Mount Saint Mary College campus.

by Jac Bergenson

In an effort to bring a more varied and balanced diet to its students, Mount Saint Mary College is set to bring a McDonald’s restaurant to the Dominican Center in the fall of 2014.

McDonald’s, of Big Mac and McNugget fame, is in the process of overhauling its image. Aware of the popular opinion that McDonald’s promotes obesity and heart disease, the food giant hopes their healthier options will catch on.

“We know that dollar hamburgers are hard to beat,” Vice President of New Franchises Wendy King stated, when asked about the new franchise, “but we hope that Mount students will make wise choices. We have an array of salads on our menu.”

Negotiations took place between Mount Saint Mary College and many potential chains. It ultimately came down to a bidding war for the space. McDonald’s posted the winning bid with $8.5 million, and reports say that Taco Bell and Starbucks were close to McDonald’s with their respective bids.

The space, on the top floor of the Dominican Center, is said to be easily accessible to the dorms in the same wing of the building, and King assures students that there will be no escalators or elevators leading to the restaurant.

Students at the Mount, when confronted with the news, had mixed opinions. Senior Harry Burns was ecstatic, as trips to the “other McDonald’s (in Newburgh, NY) cost me enough in gas that I could’ve bought another cheeseburger with it.” Sophomore Ashleigh Snow, on the other hand, dreads the “inevitable trips to Hollister for bigger jeans.”

Mount directors hope that bringing the restaurant onto campus will cut down alcohol-related incidents. With the attraction on campus, students will be able to seek alternative forms of entertainment and nourishment, rather than driving off campus on Saturday nights.

You’ve been fooled!
This post was published as part of our 2013 April Fool’s Day edition. We hope you enjoy this issue!