Photo credit: New Fairfield Middle School

By: Jayden Racca

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic struck in March of 2020, the parent perspective as to how this should be handled in the classroom has been extremely two-sided. 

Following a school year in which students returned to the classroom in a stressful, restricted and masked environment, preventative classroom changes and mask mandates were done away with in the spring of 2022.

This change was made much to the delight of some parents and the opposition of others. Chip Williams, who is the father to a high school freshman, heavily agreed with this decision. He claimed that “students who have no underlying conditions and feel comfortable without a mask should not have never had to wear one.” Williams would go on to state that “it’s been shown that our kids aren’t the ones being affected by this. It’s pretty much a cold for them.”

Despite Covid-19 cases becoming much less common/severe, it appears as if the numbers will continue to rise and fall over time. Philadelphia happens to be the most recent city to implement an indoor mask mandate before recently revoking it.

With several Universities reinstating an indoor mask mandate such as the University of Connecticut, the concept of this happening within local school districts is not too far-fetched.

Jeremy Saladyga who is the father of a 6th grader and an 8th grader believes that we should follow what the experts are telling us. He said, “I don’t care if my kids are a little uncomfortable in school! They are 11 and 13! They don’t care! If wearing a mask is what the experts are telling us is going to be the thing that protects them, then we will do as they say. As long as my children are healthy.”

Whether it is to re-mask or to keep them in the bottom drawer, it is evident that any future decisions regarding masks will be met with some serious backlash.

Photo credit: New Fairfield Middle School