By Samuel Young

Mount students can look forward to a variety of more centrally planned student events this semester thanks to the newly introduced Mount Activities Programming Board.

MAP is a student run organization that has assumed the responsibility of running and organizing all campus wide events put on by the student activities office. Before this year there was no department specifically dedicated to planning and putting on campus wide events.

According to Kelly Palmateer, the assistant director of student activities, this lack of specialization caused some problems.

“We saw a lack of large scale, total campus programming,” said Palmateer.  “Most Colleges have their own programming board and we noticed the Mount didn’t have such a thing.”

The introduction of an activity planning board just might be the right solution. MAP has already planned many activities on campus, such as the opening day barbeque, bingo, movie nights, comedy nights and the apple picking trip to Fishkill Farms.

According to the MAP board’s president, Andrea Austin, the goal of MAP is to “bring new and innovative entertainment to MSMC for the enjoyment of students. We just want to see all students get involved on campus and make the best of their college experience.”
To get updates on what MAP is doing throughout the semester follow their Instagram account @msmc_uknight.