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By: Alberto Gilman

It’s not an actual interview, so why take it seriously? Because if you do well in the mock interview, you are guaranteed to succeed when you go for the real one.

Mount Saint Mary College Career Center hosted its Mock Interview Week from Feb. 18 to 22, granting students the opportunity to enter an interview setting and receive criticism. This event helps introduce them to the general environment, get acquainted with certain types of questions and understand the importance of practice.

“Students have the skills and experience to be competitive in today’s job market, but we find that they often struggle to describe these qualities in an interview setting,” said Kathleen O’Keefe, director of the Career Center.

To receive a mock interview, students must first report to the Career Center and sign up for an available spot from a list of employers. Students have the option of interviewing either in the own field or for another field outside their major, which is advantageous because it gives them the power to explore any careers they find intriguing.

Prepping for the mock interview is always the most crucial part. When attending an interview, you aren’t going to stroll in wearing your pajamas. You want to look professional, so you would put a formal, presentable outfit together. Moreover, you would not arrive at an interview empty handed. You would make sure to have your contact information and copies of your resume copies accessible. Finally, you would not come in with little to no knowledge about the employer. You would do your research on the company as well as rehearse possible answers and questions for the interviewer. And above all, you would walk onto the scene with a positive and humble attitude.

What comes next after the interview? Well, Based on how the student does, they will later receive feedback from their one or two interviewers. This is beneficial, seeing that the student becomes aware of what aspects of the interview they did well in and what they need to improve on.  If they get a business card or contact information, then they’ve definitely done a good job.

Megan Twohig, a senior psychology student, said that her interviewer offered valuable feedback. “For example, she said that I should work on the articulation of my sentences and getting my point across faster because doing so exudes confidence,” said Twohig. “Overall, it was a fun, interesting experience.”

If you are interested in a mock interview, make sure to contact the Career Center about scheduling one later in the semester. Also, let this serve as your friendly reminder that this opportunity is offered every February. Regarding other events, please be on the lookout for flyers and email updates.