Dream Share Project
Alexis Irvin and Chip Hiden of the Dream Share Project. (Photo by Anthony Krueger)

by Anthony Krueger


Do you have a dream?

The Career Center and Student Activities welcomed Alexis Irvin and Chip Hiden of the Dream Share Project to speak with students.

“We were at discontent with our jobs,” said Hiden. “It seemed all of our friends were in a similar boat, so we wanted a change.”

Irvin and Hiden said they had decided to take a yearlong road trip across the United States and ask people their dream jobs and how one can follow their dreams with no regrets.

The Dream Share project was presented in an hour long documentary showing the duo’s year on the road.

According to the documentary society tells us that people are supposed to go to school, get good grades and then graduate into a solid paying job. It’s the well-known grow up plan that so many people complete without any regard for their own personal happiness.

Within the documentary there were countless interviews of people who had taken on the challenge and pursued their dreams. Irvin and Hiden worked well to showcase the obvious struggle in taking the road less traveled but also the positive reward from taking it.

“The documentary was powerful, it made me want to drop everything and pursue my dream,” said junior Liz Duong. “It was very inspiring to me.”

All one needs to do is follow the success plan outlined by the documentary. The success plan is risk taking plus passion plus hard work, and then one can achieve any level of success they seek.

“All it takes is 15 minutes a day,” said Irvin. “Break up your dream into little pieces and achieve it that way.”

Irvin and Hiden provided the students with a Dream Share Project packet to begin the process to achieve their dreams.

“I liked being able to think about my dream,” said senior Amy Battaglia. “It made it more possible figuring out the challenges and getting advice on how to break down the barriers blocking me.”

Freshman Meghan Hartnett said she was happy having attended the event. She felt the documentary was like a cute movie, making it down to earth and relatable.

The Dream Share Project was a different event for Mount Saint Mary College. The fact so many students came out and seemed to show they walked away with something is one of the reasons Irvin and Hiden keep going.

“Meeting students and talking to them is heartwarming to us,” said Irvin. “We enjoy revisiting colleges and seeing the inspiration spread.”

Hiden said he remembered returning to one college and having a student come up to them and thank them for their work. The student said they had changed their major and is on a path they are extremely happy about.

“Touching one person makes it all worth it,” said Hiden.

Discover and Pursue Your Dream!

The event was held in the Hudson Auditorium at 7p.m. on Nov. 4, 2013.