by Katrina Avila

Have you ever had something so close you could almost taste it? It was right there, just within reach, like the finish line of that 5K you just ran (or pretended you did). All of the sudden, it disappears, like a mirage in the Sahara, leaving you confused, angry, and defeated. Remember that gut-wrenching feeling?

That feeling is all too real for Mount Saint Mary College’s baseball and softball teams. Just when they thought they could play on their own field, it gets ripped out from underneath them—literally. Demolition of the fields is set to begin on Monday, May 20, 2013, just two days after Commencement takes place here at the Mount.

But why? Many students, along with faculty and staff here at the college are asking this same question. Why tear it up when it was just laid down, especially after the men’s baseball and women’s softball teams have waited so long not to have to trudge to off-campus locations for their games?

To put it simply, there are drainage problems. The fields flood when it rains, and no one, including the company that built the fields, can figure out how to drain them properly. “It’s frustrating and disappointing,” says Jim Aruccio, Associate Director of Athletics Facilities and Development. “These kids have waited years to get these fields and they can’t even use them now that they have them.”

What does this mean for the Mount? With the college employing the same company to tear up the fields that is currently remodeling the Dominican Center, setbacks on both projects are to be expected. The Dominican Center was most recently scheduled to open for business in December of 2013; however, the new projected date looks like it is a lot closer to December 2014, putting it an entire year behind schedule.

As for the fields? It was only just a dream. At least for today. April Fools.

You’ve been fooled!
This post was published as part of our 2013 April Fool’s Day edition. We hope you enjoy this issue!