Social MediaBy Mallika Rao

The IT Department has banned access to social media on the Mount’s WiFi network. Not so friendly anymore, huh?

That’s right, no more poking, status updating, hashtagging and Instagramming as long as you are a student accessing the Internet at this college. Evan Walters, head of the Mount’s IT Department, believes it will “promote productivity amongst our students… after all, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are huge time-wasters.”

He notes that studies have shown that spending too much time on these social media sites actually lowers a student’s grade point average. Exhibit A? The Mount Saint Mary College Fall 2012 Dean’s List. 60% of students on the list reported not having a Facebook account.

Freshman Michael Cassidy says that not having a Facebook account has made him more alert and focused on his schoolwork. He states that making the Dean’s List last semester was “the icing on the cake to the excellent decision I made to delete my Facebook account before I joined the Mount community last year.”

Online campaigns have already been formed to #SAVEMSMCINTERNET. Except the petition starters cannot use Twitter to get their message across while they are on campus. Junior IT major Leroy Jones started using his web design skills. “I rely on status updates to get through my day. After a long day of studying, I like to read some of the witticisms my friends put up. We NEED sites like Facebook and Twitter to function.”

You’ve been fooled!
This post was published as part of our 2013 April Fool’s Day edition. We hope you enjoy this issue!