The Mount Saint Mary College Campus Store, which will soon be redesigned during the transition into its new management. (photo by William Biersack)

by Katrina Avila

Come August, be prepared for a big change on the ground floor of Aquinas Hall. On June 1, 2013, BBA Solutions, the fourth largest college textbook company in America, will take over the Mailroom and Campus Store. Store manager, Traci Bakal, is looking forward to all of the changes that BBA is making.

And there are plenty of changes to go around. For one, all employees will no longer be employed by Mount Saint Mary College but by BBA Solutions. It is known by many students and faculty members on campus that two employees, Ann Liefer and Michelle Colurciello, were let go in the beginning stages of the transition from MSMC to BBA. While we are all sad to see them go, Bakal anticipates that customer service will remain at the same satisfactory level throughout the change despite their absence. Just because employees will soon be working for BBA doesn’t mean that they won’t be just as helpful. “If anything, customer service will improve under new management,” says Bakal.

On June 1, employees of both the Mailroom and the Campus Store will begin the training process. All employees will be cross trained to handle affairs in both businesses. Everyone will know how to work the cash registers, handle mail, packages, and textbooks, and most importantly, deal with customers.

The biggest change? The Mailroom and Campus store will be remodeled into one superstore — literally. The wall that separates the two will be, at least partially, knocked down. “They’re going to make it a beautiful store– brand new fixtures, counters, ceilings, everything.”

Assistant Textbook Manager, Carol O’Shea, stated that the store will be promoting in-house book rentals beginning in August. In the past, students have been able to rent their books from an outside company through the Campus Store; however, this has caused stress for both store employees and students alike. Through BBA’s in-house rental option, O’Shea anticipates that the rental process will run much smoother. Also, a plus for the students: this will make the textbooks cheaper! “We really want to promote the rentals,” O’Shea says. Carol, consider this as part of your promotion efforts.

While many students, faculty, and staff members of the Mount community feel a bit uneasy about the switch to BBA Solutions, Bakal and O’Shea want to assure us that the change is a good thing. “We’re looking forward to [the switch]. It’s going to be new and exciting — there’s a lot of good things happening, and I think the students are going to be happy about it,” says O’Shea.

Well, students, get excited. By the time we return to the Mount come August, the Campus Store and the Mailroom will officially be one entity. While neither Bakal nor O’Shea could either confirm or deny this, there is much speculation going around that the convenience section of the Campus Store may be eliminated. This means that Jazzman’s will expand and the store will consist of textbooks, apparel, and merchandise only. This rumor, however, is just that… A rumor. We’ll just have to wait until August to see what solutions BBA has come up with.